Company Profile

ACE Credit Union Services is a national credit union support organisation which has been in operation for 13 years. About 44 credit unions based in England, Scotland, Wales and Jersey are currently affiliated to ACE.  We hold an annual conference and AGM in different parts of the country so that all our credit unions can attend.

ACE is run by its board of trustees and has an associate trainer and an administration officer. All the board and trainers have lengthy direct experience of running of credit unions.  Credit unions can contact us by telephone or email  - see 'Contact Us'.

Credit unions, or groups working towards starting up a new credit union, can affiliate to ACE and receive a wide range of services, which are listed in 'Our Services'. We work at grassroots level and our advice, support and training is based on our extensive 'hands on' experience of running credit unions and recognition of the importance of local needs and circumstances when helping credit unions develop. 

While credit unions are businesses and must operate in accordance with sound business practices, they are also social and mutual organisations, which take into account their members’ needs, particularly those who are financially excluded.